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Learning to Swim

Our Therapy based - Learn to Swim program is designed to help your child deal with social anxiety, improve muscle tone & core strength, improved sleep and concentration.
Our groups are small and personal.  We offer the highest quality in teaching through years of research, training and experience. 
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Personal Training

Swimmer in Pool

Water exercise suitable for just about anyone regardless for your fitness and strength.  If you have just recovered from an illness or injury

and need a light form of exercise with very little impact then this is for you!

We focus on overall strengthening, balance, posture & breathing.

Connecting body and mind.





Hydro Therapy offers an alternative when it comes to pain & rehabilitation treatment. 

It has been used as a method of treatment & healing for thousands of years. 

Water has many beneficial properties which can help to improve your

physical and emotional well-being. 


We offer therapy to babies and children.

Please contact us for more information regarding Adult Therapy


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

What is your purpose in this life?

Are you satisfied with your Life.. your job? 


Where is your future?

Show up for yourself. 

Take charge of your life.   

Only by asking the right questions, do we get the right answers.
Are you ready to transform your life?                               
Children, Teen & Adult sessions available.

Swimming with Shark

Long COVID Symptoms 
     Support & Rehabilitation

  • Extreme fatigue, low energy levels.

  • Muscle/Joint pain and stiffness.

  • Respiratory problems.

  • Heart palpitations, high BP, Headaches,

  • Digestive issues, Brain fog and the feeling of floating... ​


"My daughter with special needs loved her sessions with Lize, she looked and felt so safe with Lize.  I also noticed she develops a bond with her little clients.  We were there for a week, all the way from Botswana, we will definitely be coming back."

Jasmine Chirwa.

"Hier is hoop om weer sonder pyn te lewe.  Na die eerste sessie is daar merkwaardige verbetering."

Johanna Furst.

"My son has SPD and had a terrible fear of water.  Lize has been working with him for almost 5 months now and the results are amazing.  My son adores her and learned so much in a very short period of time.  His confidence, strength and muscle tone improved significantly." 

Rina Peens.

"Exercising in the pool is a lot of fun and really enjoyable.  Lize knows the science behind every exercise.  She also helps specifically with pain.  She showed me the best way to deal with my lower back pain."

Debbie Radley.

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