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HydroSwim Workshops - Southern Africa

Discover the Power of Holistic Healing

At Lize Kruger Hydrotherapy & Healing Center, we believe in the power of holistic healing to restore balance and promote overall well-being.

We are committed to providing you with the highest quality care and personalized treatment plans. Whether you're seeking hydrotherapy, intuitive healing, rehabilitation therapy, or plant medicine facilitation, we have the expertise to meet your unique needs.

Our comprehensive patient review process ensures that we understand your health patterns and specific requirements, allowing us to create a tailor-made treatment plan just for you. Experience the transformative power of alternative health practices and book your appointment with us today.

holistic plant medicine healing water po

We believe in the importance of focusing on individuals rather than just medical labels.

It's possible that various health issues and physical ailments without a clear cause could be linked to years of neglecting our own needs

in favor of others, resulting in unresolved emotional pain that affects our overall well-being.

The struggle to set boundaries and prioritize self-care can pose a significant challenge for our bodies. If self-care is overlooked, our bodies may eventually rebel. This rebellion often presents itself in conditions such as Autoimmune Disease, Depression & Anxiety, Weight-gain, PTSD & Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

If traditional methods have not been effective, it might be worth considering alternative approaches. Our bodies and minds have inherent healing capabilities that can guide us towards leading purposeful and fulfilling lives.  This natural approach has withstood the test of time and could be the answer you've been searching for.

Parkinson's Disease | Dementia| Cancer |  Support & Functional Medicine |

"I believe that illness and disease happens in the body when you follow your own 'free' will,

disconnecting  your emotions from feeling..  

It is a way God speaks to you, when you don't hear Him whisper."

Lize Kruger​



​We excel in delivering comprehensive hydrotherapy treatments that prioritize your overall well-being. Our pool's revitalizing waters aid in healing pain, illness, and trauma. Our specialized services alleviate pain, rehabilitate injuries, and enhance your body. We also offer diverse natural therapies tailored to your needs. Additionally, we provide swimming lessons, water safety training, and various healing services. If you have chronic illnesses, we have therapies designed for you. For more information, consult our catalog or contact us to schedule an appointment.


Adults -

Evaluation R650.00

Per Session R500.00  -  Specialized Program Option* Available - 3 month program option at reduced fee

PRIVATE | SEMI-PRIVATE | 45min | Private Indoor Pool |33 'C | EASY RAMP WALK- IN & -OUT

This is not a swimming lesson, you do not have to put your face/head in the water.

Improve daily function | Better sleep | Less pain | Injuries | Rehabilitation

Children -

Evaluation R450.00

Per Session R350.00  -  Specialized Program Option* Available - 3 month program option at reduced fee @R1200.00 pm

PRIVATE | SEMI-PRIVATE | 45min | Private Indoor Pool |

This is not a swimming lesson, it is a one on one therapy session, where we help your child connect with their body and feelings through specific movements

to activate and recalibrate an over-stimulated nervous system.   

Child not sitting still in class | ANGER | FRUSTRATION | ANXIETY | ADHD | ANY CHILD WHO NEEDS HELP..



Children -

R600.00 per month | 20min | 4 classes per month | max 2 per class.

*Monday - Thursday |14:00-17:00 | 1-7 years

Adults -

R850.00 per month | 30min | 4 classes per month | max 2 per class.

*after hours available

WEEKEND WORKSHOPS - Adult Learn to Swim  


08:30 - 12:30 (Both days)

R1200.00 per person (July/August discount only*)

R1500.00 per person from September 2024

6-8 participants only, booking essential.

Workshop include:

An understanding into what water is. How your own body react to and feel in the water.  

This workshop is informal and very relaxed.  It is intended for anyone who have always had the wish to swim. 

You may have had a bad experience, you might have fear and anxiety or maybe you just never got the chance to learn to swim.

If you are not absolutely terrified of water, we believe we can teach you to swim in one weekend!

Swim & have fun with your kids this summer!




Mon:   8:00am - 12:30pm

            2:00pm -  7:00 pm

Tue:     8:00am - 12:30pm

            2:00pm -  7:00pm 

Wed:   8:00am - 12:30pm

            2:00pm -  7:00pm

Thurs: 8:00am - 12:30pm

            2:00pm - 7:00pm

*   We are closed on public holidays. 

** Appointment Only.

 (The best and easiest way to get in   

 contact is via WhatsApp or sms

 0792300015 ..Remember we work in



Since i joined at Lize Hydrotherapy I have experienced a remarkable improvement in my body strength, balance and overall functionality. I can move easier without pain, I walk without difficulty, I sleep better at night and maintain a positive outlook on life as my body is healing.


47 years healed in 6 sessions!
Combine plant meds & Hydro for the best results EVER!  If you suffer from addictions, body pain, need emotional and mental help without bs stories and telling you you are imagining your situation..  
After a full back fusion, the hydrotherapy allowed me to exercise under supervision of specilaised therapists, without fear of falling or pain. Working against the gentle pressure of water assisted so much with my recuperation. Thank you Lize, and Zania!
I always felt so safe in your arms .
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