Lize Kruger Hydrotherapy

"When I stop struggling, I float.

It is the law."


Our heated, indoor pool is situated in the east of Pretoria.  We have created a PRIVATE  comfortable safe environment where learning & healing can take place. 
Our pool was designed to accommodate just about anyone..
  • Wheelchair access -     Our pool have a build-in ramp for easier access into the water.                                                                                      The ramp can also be used for clients who have difficulty climbing steps. 
  • Water Temperature -    32°C - 33°C
  • Pool Depth -              1.2m - 1.4m, including 3 extra-wide steps.

Programs for Children


3 months - 15 years


Water Safety

Stroke Correction

24 months - 7 years


Muscle tone & Core Strengthening 


4 years - 15 years



3 years - 15 years

Programs for Adults


"My daughter with special needs loved her sessions with Lize, she looked and felt so safe with Lize.  I also noticed she develops a bond with her little clients.  We were the for a week, all the way from Botswana, we will definitely be coming back."

Jasmine Chirwa.

"Hier is hoop om weer sonder pyn te lewe.  Na die eerste sessie is daar merkwaardige verbetering."

Johanna Furst.

"My son has SPD and had a terrible fear of water.  Lize has been working with him for almost 5 months now and the results are amazing.  My son adores her and learned so much in a very short period of time.  His confidence, strength and muscle tone improved significantly." 

Rina Peens.

"Exercising in the pool is a lot of fun and really enjoyable.  Lize knows the science behind every exercise.  She also helps specifically with pain.  She showed me the best way to deal with my lower back pain."

Debbie Radley.

"I have been attending water therapy classes for the past 8 weeks following a hip revision in March.  I can truly say the classes are presented in a very professional and positive manner.  The facilities are designed in such a manner that it can accomodate people in wheelchairs and on crutches.  There is parking on the premises, waiting area, toilet and change area.  All very convenient!!!  I can without a doubt recommend this treatment at any time with guaranteed positive results".

Gerhard Duvenhage.

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