Lize Kruger Hydrotherapy


            Swim School

Terms & Conditions

Monthly Agreements

  • Fees are paid one month in advance.

  • All fees to be received by the 5th of every month.

  • One month (30-Day) cancellation notice apply.  You can do this in writing via e-mail, SMS or WhatsApp.  Only written cancellations will be accepted.

  • No cancellation notices will be excepted during November & December months.

MISSED CLASSES:  We understand that children get sick, we understand that life sometimes gets in the way, but

Please understand that you have booked and confirmed your timeslot for the entire month & no one else can be booked in your timeslot.  Due to limited time available, we cannot accommodate you with extra 'make up' lessons should you be prevented from attending a class due to ANY personal circumstances. 

CANT MAKE IT TO SWIMMING?  Please let us know via SMS or WhatsApp if you are not coming to swimming.  No explanations needed, It would be kind if you could let us know so we don't wait for you.

COVID 2021:

We need to take care & try our very best to keep ourselves and other human beings safe & healthy.

If your child is sick or feeling unwell, Please do not come to swimming.  

If you or any other Family members at home are sick or feeling unwell, Please do not come to swimming.

Any sick children, parents will be asked to go home immediately.  


While we love having visitors every now and then...  Please do not invite and bring grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunts or friends for the time being.  They will have to wait in the car.

We are taking it week by week... Should there be any changes in lockdown levels. we will communicate personally with every client.

Please like us on Facebook to receive important updates.


•    Bookings are made on a week to week basis.  You are required to pay for your session in full, 24-hours before your session is scheduled             and send us a proof of payment.  Bookings cannot always be confirmed without Proof of Payment.

•    Please Note:  A 24-hour cancellation policy applies.  6-Hours cancellation applies to emergencies, this will only include medical                 

     emergencies with a doctors note provided.  No exceptions will be made.

•    We require and only accept cancellation notification via SMS or WhatsApp.   

•    Should we receive a late cancellation (less than 24-hours) or no cancellation notice, you will be responsible to pay the full amount owed for         the booked & confirmed session.  



             BANKING DETAILS:

              Acc. Name: LKHYDRO

              Acc. #: 1561023939

              CAPITEC BANK

               Branch code:  470010

              Savings account

               REF.: Attending client: Name+Surname.                  

General Pool Rules:

•    ALL sessions are PRIVATE

     Learn-To-Swim & Therapy.  
     We ask that you wait outside until your session is about to start, if it is cold or raining please come in. 
     (If you need to use the bathroom or need to change, please do so.)


•    NO CELL PHONES!  You are welcome to watch all the videos, listen to all the voice notes, play games or make phone calls     

     outside in our beautiful garden.   Please respect our request.

•    Photos & Video:  Photos and Short Videos is ONLY allowed with prior agreement and consent from your therapist.

•    ABSOLUTELY NO Person is allowed to enter the pool without the therapist/instructor present.  

     ...Not even if you, the parent is present & keeping an eye. NO ONE.

        This is a requirement of our public liability insurance and our risk management procedures.

  • Unfortunately, NO extra sessions or refunds can be done due personal circumstances preventing you from; and not attending the booked and confirmed session.  NO SHOW / LATE CANCELLATION will be charged and billed to your account. This fee will have to be paid before any further bokking can be made.

  • Please be on time.. Should you run a few minutes late, we will gladly accommodate you were we can.  Should we have another client booked for the following session this, however will not be possible and your session will finish when the booked and scheduled time slot has ended.

•    WEATHER:  We work with the Woodhill Golf Estate - Lightning Warning System. 
•    All swimming will stop if there is Lightning or Thunder, swimming will resume as soon as it is safe to do so.
•    Unfortunately, we cannot do any Refunds or ‘Make-up’ Classes for Missed Classes/Sessions due to extreme weather conditions.

•    NO EATING or DRINKING (except WATER) is allowed inside the facility.  

     We have a lot of ants and we cannot under any circumstances use poison inside to get rid of them.






Emergency Procedures: In the unlikely event of an accident or an emergency, follow the instructions given by your therapist in the first instance. They have been trained in pool rescue techniques and cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and in Emergency Evacuation at the pool.

BULL SECURITY:   012 997 0799                

GARSFONTEIN POLICE:  012 470 4200 / 10111



Please do NOT use the pool if you have:


  • Had diarrhea or vomiting or have had other contagious diseases within the past week;

  • A raised temperature (e.g. flu); severe sensitivity or allergy to pool chemicals;

  • Uncontrolled blood pressure;

  • An infection (e.g. tinea, dermatitis, thrush), open wounds or ulcers any dressings or band-aids;

  • Bladder or urinary tract infections, loss of control of bladder or bowel;

  • Bronchitis, pneumonia, shortness of breath, angina, chest problems, fits or dizzy spells.


  • If you have long hair, please use a swimming cap or tie it back.

  • Please do not leave your clothes in the dressing area/bathroom.  Someone else might like to get dressed.

  • To avoid the risk of falls and slips to all clients, please use powders or creams with care.  


  • Please do not let children stand on the dressing/message bed.  NO SHOES on the bed.

•    Please keep brothers and sisters from running around in the pool facility, we try to create a calm environment for everyone to enjoy, get fit,          breathe and relax.

•   Most importantly have fun and be kind to your team in the pool.