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Lize Kruger

A.T.R.I.C (USA) , NLP Practitioner (U.K), S.N.H.S CBT (Dipl.) (U.K)

Reiki Master, Intuitive Holistic Medicine Woman


Lize, a highly skilled and intuitive water healing practitioner in Pretoria East, provides a nurturing space where individuals can find comfort and experience profound rejuvenation and recovery.

With her extensive 20 years of experience in water healing, she possesses an extraordinary ability to establish a deep connection with the body in water.


Lize has devoted her career to guiding and healing those who have been carrying the weight of their struggles for a long time and are in need of support. Having faced her own inner battles, she truly understands the significance of discovering one's self-worth and inner light.

In 2016, Lize had the privilege of being invited to RUSK NYU Langone Orthopedic Hospital for a volunteer experience. Additionally, she traveled to various mountain villages and orphanages in Peru, offering her healing and rehabilitation services.

It was during this time that she was introduced to sacred plant medicine, after realizing that pharmaceutical medication was ineffective and even caused detrimental side effects such as suicidal thoughts and a narrow perspective on life. Having personally dealt with undiagnosed ADHD, Bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, addictions and many other labels, Lize knew that a change was necessary..

Lize has dedicated her life to helping and supporting souls in their journey towards a healthy and purposeful life, after 7 years of being on the journey of healing her own body, mind & soul.  She is a shamanic medicine woman and healer, spreading love and light wherever she goes.

While this path may not be suitable for everyone, it is a way to freeing your own trauma and she firmly believes that taking control of one's life is truly worth it.

Zania Pieters

Zania embarked on her Hydrotherapy journey from a young age, spending her childhood immersed in water as a competitive swimmer in South Africa. 


Representing her country at the Italy Treviso Swim Cup, she encountered Lize Kruger, a Hydrotherapist whose healing methods resonated deeply with her. Motivated by Lize's knowledge and her own passion for the human body, Zania chose to pursue a career in hydrotherapy, delving into studies and practical experience.

Since 2021, Zania has been an integral part of Lize Kruger's Hydrotherapy and Healing Centre. Alongside her Aquatic Therapy and Rehabilitation studies, she also works as a certified "Learn to swim" instructor, blending her love for water with a desire to assist others.


She prioritizes safety by obtaining first aid certification and has completed an Aquatic Occupational Therapy course.

Currently, she is expanding her knowledge through Anatomy and Physiology studies and other therapy courses to enhance her skills as a therapist.

Her experience includes working with children of all ages and collaborating with schools on child development programs.

In her free time, she enjoys babysitting and part-time caregiving.
With each session, she remains committed to harnessing water's therapeutic benefits to enhance her clients' well-being. Her compassionate approach to healing aims to promote health and happiness through her expertise.

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