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HydroSwim Workshops

We Offer water workshops around Southern Africa, Europe & U.S.A

Workshop information

Workshop daily schedules*& Hosting a Workshop a your own venue!

HydroSwim Workshops are expertly crafted to provide a secure and nurturing environment for Swim Teachers, Coaches, Therapists, and Parents of children with disabilities. Our workshops are tailored to meet the unique needs of each participant ensuring a safe and productive learning experience. Trust us to provide the professional guidance and support you need to succeed in your field.

Open to swim teachers, Coaches, Therapists & Parents of Children dealing with disabilities.


In order to run this workshop we need:
Min 6 participants; Maximum 8
(2-day |5-day combine classes)
Workshop fee: R2300.00pp (2024)

Day 1 | 08:30 – 16:00

  • Water | A different way of looking at and understanding water.
  • Frequency & Resonance
    Vibration & Sounds effects on water & body.
  • Healthy Water that’s Alive vs Unhealthy Sick Water – Why does it matter?
  • Learn to swim | In-water training class
      (How many years has it been since you had your first learn to swim               class?)
  • Doggy paddle
  • Freestyle
  • Back Stroke
  • Breast Stroke

Experience your body in water..
  • Healing Floatation Session;
    just for you, a break;
    relax, re-align & remember..
    Imagine floating away;
    into a dream space where
    dolphins and Humpback whales
    play & sing..
Day 2 | 08:30 – 16:00
  • Adaptive Swimming
  • Physical body | Emotional Body
  • Muscle Strengthening | Core Stabilization
  • Body Alignment | Left Right  
  • Balance & Fall Prevention
  • Full Body scan | "Mapping" | Feet to Head
  • Sensory Integration | Brain Development
  • Over Stimulation vs Under Stimulation
  • Anxiety | Stress | Attachment Issues
  • Connection | Feeling Safe.
  • Deep thinking: Discussion; Sharing - Q&A
                   - End of Workshop -

In order to run this workshop we need:
Min 4 participants; Maximum 8
(2-day |5-day combine classes)
Workshop fee: R5700.00pp (2024)

Day 3 | 08:30 – 16:00
  • Learn to swim | Basic Hydrotherapy Combined Swimming
       Hands on | In-water Training
  • Physical & Emotional Development | Age-appropriate Exercises

  • Age Group swim classes:

         We have invited children in the area to swim with us today: you will be assisting                them with some new swim techniques & water exercises; 1-1 classes; 20min each

  • 12-24 months |2-3 yrs. | 4-5 yrs.

  • [lunch]

  • 6-7 yrs.  |  8-12 yrs. We focus more on body alignment & performance.

  • Deep Thinking | Create action packed lessons for any child, any ability.

  • Exchange Ideas | Discuss possibilities.

Day 4 | 08:30 – 16:00

  • Introduction | Traditional Hydrotherapy
  • Basic* Anatomy | Physiology | Emotional Regulation | Neuroplasticity
  • Effective & Proven result-based techniques that can assist any child in dealing with*;  Stress | Anxiety |ADHD | Autism |
       Issues with Eating & Sleeping| Low-Muscle tone |
  • Victim of bullying | Abuse | Low Self-esteem etc.
  • Child Therapy Sessions | Pool Side Observation;
         We have invited a few of our friends who live in the area & dealing with
         Disabilities & Dis-ease in the body.
  • Understand | Inner-stand|Common Diseases & Disabilities.
  • Cerebral Palsy | Autism | ADHD | Stroke | Muscle & Nerve Diseases

Day 5 | 08:30 – 12:00

  • Adult swimmers dealing with Injuries

  • Aqua Pilates | Aqua Yoga

       Which exercises may cause injury and how to prevent and correct it.

  • We know what is is, let's take a deeper look into the emotional & spiritual meaning of diseases:

  • Heart Conditions | High Blood Pressure

  • Diabetes | Circulation Issues

  • Epilepsy | Stroke

  • Autoimmune Disease | Weight-loss


                              - End of Workshop -

Please Take Note

*This workshop is NOT a formal education & does not qualify you to practise as a swim teacher or therapist*
This workshop very informative, we dive even deeper into various subjects of swimming & healing;
specially on day 3, when we start working & training with clients..  It is however purely intended to help you expand your awareness around working in & with water.
It is an investment you make in yourself to help empower you as a teacher, therapist or the parent of a child dealing with disabilities -
Open heart sharing.. If you just like water, because you like water;
you are welcome to join this workshop!
- You have to be able to swim and safe yourself. - if you can't swim, you need swimming lessons first.  We know people!

We invite you to explore new & exciting skills that will expand your understanding in working with water, grow your client base and start seeing positive results that really matter.  Being better than yesterday!
  • If there is sufficient interest in this workshop in your region;
  • if you have the necessary space; or 
  • if you know someone with a heated indoor pool,
  • who is willing to host us;
We will travel to your location and provide instruction in your own pool!
This makes it more convenient, easier, and more affordable for everyone to participate!!

Upon successful booking and confirmation of your venue and space:
As a token of our appreciation for your assistance and efforts, we would like to offer:
  • Your personal workshop [5-day @R5700] is completely FREE!
  • We will provide Marketing Social Media photos / videos - Promotion for your swim school
         [or any swim school of your choice*] during our workshop training week.
  • Online Support following the workshop.
  • We have some Exciting NEW Ideas & Fitness Programs to share;  that can help you get through and survive winter!

Please review the list of items we will need from you during the 5-Day Workshop:

  • Assistance with communication and networking before the workshop. Your knowledge of the area and people is invaluable.

  • Access to heated, indoor pool and basic bathroom facilities.

  • TV screen/computer screen required only on Day 1. 

  • Coffee, tea, and water station available throughout the week.

  • A safe space for teaching when not in the pool, where we can leave our belongings.

  • On Day 3, please invite children from the following age groups

       (swimmers & non-swimmers): 12-24 months, 2/3 years, 4/5 years, 6/7 years, 8-12 years. 

  • On Day 4, please invite two or three children (Age: 2 -12) with any disabilities for a free therapy session.

If you operate a safe, clean, and healthy swim school, we would love to visit. Please reach out via email or WhatsApp to coordinate.

Let's work together to make this a successful event!

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